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Longtime Toronto paramedic faces charges for misconduct inside Kitchener, Ont. strip club


A longtime member of the Toronto Paramedic Services is facing charges in relation to his conduct at a Kitchener, Ont. strip club.

On the night of July 26, 2023, Jennifer Marry was not expecting to go into Roxxanne’s, where she worked as an exotic dancer. However, a regular customer named Adam Deskur requested her.

“We made a deal that I would come in on the condition that he gave me a certain amount of money,” Marry explained.

She said it’s common to exchange phone numbers with regulars so they can plan their hours around visits.

During this particular shift, she noticed something was off with Deskur.

“His phone was propped up against the bottle he had bought,” she said. “I picked up the phone and he was recording.”

Given the club’s strict rules against filming, Marry confronted him.

“He got extremely upset and irate and he said: ‘OK, you’re right. Just smash the phone. Smash it,’” she said.

Deskur was kicked out, but his phone remained at the club.

Marry was able to unlock the device the following night.

“There were 96,000 photos in his phone of all kinds of women,” she said.

As she continued to scroll, she saw things she couldn’t have imagined.

“The first thing that I saw was just the couple videos of me that he had taken that night. Then I just started seeing other women that I work with. I saw women I didn’t know,” she explained. “There were photos of me drinking coffee and he had superimposed his penis into the photos to make it look like I was giving him oral sex.”

Marry said there were also pictures of her co-workers with bruises on them, which she alleges Deskur Photoshopped into the photos as well.

“When I saw what he had done to the women that I work with, that bothered me the most,” she said, through tears. “It’s weird how a person can have a certain threshold for things that happen to them, but when you see something happen to somebody else, it’s horrible.”

And it didn’t end there.

She said Deskur made staff at Roxxanne’s aware he worked as a paramedic in Toronto for many years. With that in mind, one folder on his phone stood out to Marry.

“He had [a folder] called Toronto EMS… and then you go into it and there’s wounded people. There was a photograph of a woman who was deceased and topless,” she said.

Marry called the Waterloo Regional Police Service and Deskur was later arrested and charged with voyeurism. He was also charged with criminal harassment for repeatedly contacting her.

A spokesperson for the City of Toronto confirmed to CTV News that Deskur is an employee of Toronto Paramedic Services.

“He is currently out of the workplace and has been for some time. We are aware of the allegations,” the statement read, in part.

When the incident happened, Marry said she notified all the women that she worked with and all the neighbouring clubs.

Deskur was released on the condition he did not return to Roxxanne’s or any other adult entertainment establishment.

However, in November 2023, he broke that release order and was caught visiting The Manor, another strip club, in Guelph, Ont.

Although many months have passed, and Marry no longer works at Roxxanne’s, she is still disturbed.

“He would use his medical knowledge to kind of instill fear in me,” she said. “I am afraid of him. I never want to see him ever again.”

The allegations about the content found on Deskur’s phone have not been proven in court.

Marry hopes speaking up will spark change.

“I know that he would not stop,” she said. “He’s dangerous for women. The sex industry is generally just looked down on. It’s not considered employment, but it is a job. I needed the job to take care of my family.”

Marry also wants to shed a light on the mistreatment inside all strip clubs and hopes the laws broken within its walls are no longer overlooked.

Deskur’s next court date is June 5 in Kitchener. The Crown will indicate whether they have recovered any video from Deskur’s phone, which is the basis of the voyeurism charge. Top Stories

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