KITCHENER – Wilfrid Laurier University will not be moving towards arming its special constables, a spokesperson from the university tells CTV.

The clarification comes after a tweet began gaining traction on Friday morning from a popular Twitter account that shares online content about the school.

"Laurier is moving towards arming Special Constables and allowing them to use deadly force if deemed necessary, if you feel that this isn’t okay, please use the info below to call and voice your feelings," the tweet from the Spotted At Laurier Twitter account reads.

Attached to the tweet is photo that points to the WLU Special Constables Services moving towards an accreditation that the tweet claims would give them access to weapons, both lethal and non-lethal.

But a spokesperson for Laurier says that's just not the case.

"Laurier Special Constables are not seeking to carry weapons," says Kevin Crowley.

"This is a misunderstanding on the part of those who sent out the tweet."

Crowley says that the constables are looking to get an accreditation of the best practices in campus security, not looking to arm its officers.

The tweet also claims that the accreditation, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, would give Laurier's special constables "the right to search, seize, detain and arrest" students.

It's not yet clear whether that part of the tweet's claim is true or not.

He says Laurier will be issuing a statement to clarify the misunderstanding on Friday.