The KW Titans committed Tuesday to join to join new basketball ‘super league’ that will see the National Basketball League of Canada join the US-based The Basketball League (TBL).

The new league will be called the Basketball Super League (BSL), however, the KW Titans joining this league doesn’t mean the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) will be dissolving.

The two separate organizations are coming together to form the new league, with teams set to play 20 homes games and 12 away games.

The two leagues will still have their own separate games in addition to the Basketball Super League, but President David Magley says the new opportunities will give talent more opportunities to shine.

Magley said the season will begin earlier and last longer, the venues will be larger with a minimum capacity of 2,500 and the player’s wages will be higher with no salary cap.

David Schooley, an owner of the KW Titans, said he is excited to see where the super league will take basketball.

“We’re so excited about making basketball so much bigger – not only in Kitchener – but all of Canada and the U.S. Tying to come up with a business model to make the team sustainable is really important if we want to expand basketball,” said Schooley.

He said people came come and watch NBA calibre level basketball in their own backyard, and Kitchener couldn’t be a better place to do that.

According to the BSL, video of the games will be streamed in 145 counties and provide the highest level of basketball play outside the NBA system.