KITCHENER -- A popular tobogganing hill in Kitchener is going to be moving at a different pace this winter.

City staff are installing fences on the McLennan Park hill to slow down tobogganers.

The director of parks and cemeteries says the fence should be complete by next week and only cost the municipality a couple hundred dollars.

It's meant to section off a portion of the hill to slow down riders when it gets icy.

"To maximize the number of days we can keep that hill open we are actually shortening the tobogganing run slightly by putting some fencing in across the centre of the hill," explains director of parks and cemeteries Niall Lobley.

"The idea there is to control the speed so that people don’t overrun the bottom of the hill when they’re using it."

With more use and cooler temperatures, icy conditions can sometimes close the hill entirely.

The city says this will help keep the hill open longer and allow kids more time to toboggan.