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Kitchener man takes home $500K lottery prize

Steven Rozon, 52, celebrating after winning the lottery. (Source: OLG) Steven Rozon, 52, celebrating after winning the lottery. (Source: OLG)

A Kitchener man is celebrating after winning the lottery.

Steven Rozon’s life is now looking a little grander after he matched all five main numbers to win the second prize in the May 2 Daily Grand draw. Instead of taking $25,000 a year for life, he opted for a lump sum of $500,000.

The self-employed Kitchener man has been playing the lottery for decades and is now getting the chance to celebrate his first big win.

“I was walking my dog when I decided to stop at the grocery store to check my tickets,” he said while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “I was so excited, I forgot to pick up my groceries and had to go back later that day. For me to be this lucky is just unthinkable. The feeling is euphoric.”

The 52-year-old also described how be broke the news to his wife.

“She was in shock and thought I was joking with her. I had to show her the validation slip for her to believe it. That little piece of paper speaks volumes,” he said.

Steven plans to pay off his bills and then invest the rest of the money.

The winning ticket was purchased at Central Fresh Market on King Street in Kitchener. Top Stories


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