KITCHENER -- Deer Ridge Golf Club is preparing to open its doors again by asking members to book tee times, but won’t reopen to defy current lockdown rules.

The Kitchener course is one of many across Ontario that remains empty as per the province’s stay-at-home order.

“Obviously we were open, we got things up and running, and then got everybody’s hopes up,” said club manager Rob Moore. “Then they were dashed when we were closed.”

Deer Ridge is now preparing for its reopening by starting to book tee times next Wednesday.

“There are rumours that we may be able to open,” said Moore. “There are other rumours that we won’t be able to open until the 20th. We don’t have any control over that, but all we can control is how ready we are.”

The club says that, while tee times may be booked, they won’t open until the province gives them the go ahead, and will cancel the bookings if needed.

“We’re doing it to give every member equal opportunity to book,” said Moore. “IF we were told two days in advance we can open, then we would have six days of bookings that would just go live and it would be total chaos.”

While Deer Ridge is still closed, The Bridges in Tillsonburg is staying open despite provincial orders.

“I would think it beholds the government to do something [about The Bridges],” said Moore. “Not that I’m suggesting they should, but it just seems unfair if they don’t and the people who abide by the order stay closed, but this random club stays open.”

Kitchener residents tell CTV News they’re upset about golf courses being closed due to the exercise, mental health benefits, and general safety of the sport.

“It’s probably one of the safest social distancing sports you could have,” a resident said.

Moore adds that when they get the green light they’ll be ready and excited to welcome back golfers.