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Kitchener Centre candidates discuss housing solutions in debate


With the clock ticking to the Nov. 30 provincial byelection, candidates met Thursday for a forum on one of the region’s most pressing issues – housing.

Questions centred on ongoing housing developments the escalating need for affordable housing, and strategies to end homelessness.

The meeting allowed each candidate to discuss how they would stand out compared to the other candidates if elected.

Aislinn Clancy, the Green Party of Ontario candidate, emphasized the need for legislation to prevent "renovictions" and enhance accountability.

“A MPP I would bring forth legislation that I feel passionately about to prevent renovictions,” Clancy said.

Meanwhile, NDP candidate Debbie Chapman suggested utilizing properties owned by various levels of government to support not-for-profit housing initiatives.

“All levels of government have properties throughout the region and throughout the province that they could donate for government housing to be built,” Chapman said.

Kelly Steiss of the Ontario Liberal Party advocated for the reintroduction of rent control measures to protect tenants from substantial rent increases.

“First I would reintroduce rent control,” Steiss said. “The Ontario Liberal party introduced and strengthened rent control measure to protect tenants from sudden and significant rent increases and we’ve lost that under this government.”

With voting day just a week away, the forum offered insights for voters concerned about the future of housing in the region. Top Stories

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