A study commissioned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has found that some sausages contain meats that isn't listed on the label.

Researchers from the University of Guelph examined 100 sausages from grocery stores across Canada and found that one-in-five contained off-label ingredients, including horse meat.

Seven of 27 beef sausages examined in the study contained pork and one of 38 supposedly pure pork sausages contained horse meat.

Of 20 chicken sausages, four contained turkey and one had beef while five of the 15 turkey sausages studied contained no turkey at all -- just chicken.

Lead study author Robert Hanner calls the results alarming.

He says researchers found that while beef sausages predominantly contain beef, some also have pork, which he says be of concern for kosher and halal consumers.

The food inspection agency says it's not surprised about Hanner's findings, but cautioned the study is small and it's considering more research.

This article was published on Aug. 4, 2017.