GUELPH -- Wednesday night was Guelph residents turn to let  city council know how they feel about the 2020 budget.

Prior to Monday’s vote the budget increase is at 3.08 per cent above the 2019 budget.

Several of those who showed up to speak felt the number is too high, and pointed to the police services budget as the cause.

The 2020 police budget comes in at $83,920,886 and is 6.24 per cent increase of last year’s budget.

One of the delegations asked council to consider phasing in the budget requests over three years.

"The whole ideas of giving Guelph police services this huge amount of money in one year I don’t think that’s for the betterment of the Guelph people or stop crime or fight crime, it seems more of a political decision,” Stephanie Evans-Bittens.

Guelph police are hoping to add eight front-line officers next year, and a number of civilian employees.

Council will vote on the budget Monday, December 3.