KITCHENER -- The city of Guelph needs to find a new contractor to finish the multi-million dollar renovations to its police headquarters.

Earlier this week, the city said it was parting ways with the general contractor on the $34 million building and the contractor is no longer involved with the project, after defaulting on the contract. According to the city, ending the general contractor's work doesn't mean the project has paused. It's working to bring in a new project manager for the rest of the work.

In a statement, Mayor Cam Guthrie said changing contractors is an important step forward for the renovations.

"This situation is unfortunate; we would all prefer this important project be completed by now," Guthrie's statement said in part. "But I believe in our project management processes and our staff’s ability to make good decisions for our community. And that means that when we do finally cut the ribbon on this project, we’ll be doing so for a facility that we can all be proud of, and that will serve our community for years to come."

Renovations began in 2016 and were initially supposed to wrap up in 2019.