The city of Guelph has decided it will save a few dollars by not picking up Christmas trees at the curbside. The total cost savings say city officials will be $22, 000.

Some taxpayers say that's a pittance compared to the cities overall 185 million dollar operating budget.

The tree season began in late November at the Mosborough Farm Market. Now in mid season, to save money the city has decided residents will be on their own to dispose of their trees after Christmas.

Guelph resident Brian Scott says "It seems kind of ridiculous that they don't tell anybody until December 5th and given the amount of money that the city has thrown away on a variety of seemingly useless projects."

The trees have been cut, they are already on display on the lots.  The concern now is with this council decision that many will shy away from buying the real thing.

Matthew Oxley from the Mosborough Farm market says he is concerned about the timing of the decision.

“If they had come up with this decision a month ago there would have been adequate timing but it seems a little late, getting close to Christmas now."  

City council made the decision to curb spending last week as they finalized the budget. 

Guelph resident Andrew Morris says saving a few dollars is important.  “$22,000 can be spent in a lot of good ways as well as opposed to picking up other peoples trees." 

Morris also says saving a few trees could be a positive for the environment.

“I’m quite an environmentalist as well, so chopping down a lot of Christmas trees, maybe this will save some Christmas trees as well." 

Residents will be invited to drop off their trees at a depot for recycling, but some residents say there may be post Christmas confusion at the curbside.

Guelph resident Janice Nichol says, “I think so because what are you going to do with it after Christmas if they are not going to pick it up." 

City officials say they are planning to issue a notice about the change in the recycling rule through its website and in media notices.

While it may not help people living in the city of Guelph, the Kinsmen Club will be collecting Christmas trees in a number of communities in the county in exchange for a donation to the food bank.