GUELPH -- Thousands of postcards created to support adults with disabilities in Guelph are now circulating throughout the province as part of a project called Reconnecting Ontario.

Nathan Gatten worked with an artist to create the Let's Connect Postcard.

"I really want everyone to feel connected or loved you know, I really want people to know that there's someone who thinks of them and cares for them," he said.

Gatten works at JOE, which stands for Jobs, Opportunities, Enterprise, as a barista.

JOE is a group that helps adults with disabilities work in the community at local JOE Cafes – but the group's work has been impacted by the pandemic.

In the meantime, they came up with the Reconnecting Ontario project in partnership with the Community Company.

"We just wanted to learn how we could do something to brighten people's day," said Justin Chan, founder of the Community Company.

Money made from the sale of the postcards is being split between both organizations. Four thousand postcards are also being donated to organizations across Ontario.

"Finding a way for people to get the postcard and then give it to someone that they want to reconnect with just to kind of help with our isolation," Gatten said.

The Guelph public library is also taking part in the project.

"I almost don't want to give mine away because I think I'd like to put them in a frame and put them on my wall so that I can see them every day," said Michelle Campbell, manager of public service at the Guelph public library.

Postcards are also being given away to members checking out books.

"Receiving one yourself is almost like a treat in the mail that you get is such a positive thing," Campbell said. "People are excited and sometimes they are taking more than one."