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GRT says it will close some bus stops during extreme weather under new plan


Grand River Transit (GRT) is introducing a new severe weather plan that will see some bus stops close and routes detour during heavy snowfall or icy conditions.

The transit provider made the announcement on Friday.

GRT says their aim is to minimize service disruptions by re-routing buses around problem areas where vehicles can get stuck in snow or ice while keeping riders informed and helping them plan ahead.

“In the past we’d have snow events, so what happened two or three times a year is we’d end up having to close certain bus stops, certain routes,” GRT assistant director of transit Neil Malcolm told CTV News Monday.

“So what we’re looking at this year is implementing a series of detours in advance of a severe weather call. So if we get a forecast for really heavy snowfall, freezing rain, we will proactively close a few bus stops.”

Under the new plan, when GRT declares a severe weather event, stops in these problem areas – identified on an online map – will be closed and riders will be directed to an alternative location.

Special blue signs are also being installed at stops that will be closed in during severe weather events, GRT said.

In some cases, the alternate stop is just a few blocks away. In others, commuters will have to walk up to 1.5 km to reach their new stop.

Grand River Transit said riders can find out if a severe weather event has been declared on its website or its X feed (formerly Twitter). 

Riders who spoke to CTV News have mixed feelings about the concept.

“I think that is a good idea, so people can time accordingly and leave their home earlier to get to a further bus stop, so I think that is a good idea but closing the bus stop is not,” said Deya.

“Everyone is busy and they don't have enough time to check things online,” another rider Vishal said. Top Stories

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