KITCHENER – It's not a trick, but it might be a treat for some parents.

There's a growing movement to change the date for Halloween because of Thursday's forecasted weather.

An events company in Ottawa is the one pushing the idea there, saying kids don't want to trick or treat in a boat.

A tweet from the company acknowledges that it has no sway of any kind, but suggests that Halloween be pushed one day until Friday.

The weather may be bad, but will it be bad enough to move candy day?

Even Salem, N.H., one of the many spooky Salems in the U.S., is moving Halloween.

"Come Thursday night, the rain's going to be coming down, there's going to be wind, we don't want tree limbs coming down," explains Pelham Police Lt. Anne Perriello to a news organization there.

"Obviously we don't want any visibility issues when you have kids out in the neighbourhoods."

Other cities in the northeast U.S. don't think it's such a scary idea, either: 12 cities so far are moving trick-or-treating.

Some are having kids go out on Wednesday night, while others are having them go out on the weekend to indulge in the candy gorge.

It's worth noting that Salem, going ahead with its regular-scheduled Halloween programming in spite of the weather.