Trisha Sales, a working mother of five, is facing a grim reality.

Just before Christmas in 2018, the 43-year-old nurse was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and told she likely had less than two years to live.

A group of friends is rallying behind Sales, hoping to raise money to help her kids after she passes.

This weekend Brittany Drysdale held a yard sale with all proceeds going to Sales' family.

"Last year we made about $1, 000 at a yard sale so we thought why not.” Said Drysdale.

The yard sale is just one of a handful of fundraising initiatives Brittany and a group of friends have started.

There is a Go Fund Me page title “Let’s Celebrate Trisha!” a 50/50 draw and an upcoming dance.

They are hoping to raise $10,000.

“She just wanted to make sure that I was taken care of and my kids were taken care when the time comes,” said Trisha Sales.

Trisha, who is still working as a delivery nurse in Burlington, says despite her dire situation, her thoughts are solely on the wellbeing of her children, two of which have special needs.

“"Being a single parent is not easy, being a single parent with a terminal illness is hard, they are all really good kids, and I love them and just want to make sure they are okay,” Sales said.

It’s not just about the financial support, Trisha says it’s special to see so many people willing to come together and offer support, "To see everybody out together is amazing, you don't see that any more, they’re not just helping me, they are helping my children and showing the community that there are still people who care."