The man convicted in one of the biggest fraud cases in Waterloo Region history wants to start a business.

Daniel P. Reeve was convicted in 2017 of defrauding more than 40 people out of a combined $10 million. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, less time already served. He had been in custody since 2012.

Reeve was granted parole in late 2018. One of the conditions of the Parole Board of Canada’s decision was that Reeve could not run his own business or be self-employed.

Parole board documents indicate that Reeve appealed that condition on Jan. 8.

In his appeal, he said it was “unreasonable” for the board to impose the condition, saying he’s owned many businesses since 1985, and that being self-employed was not a factor in any crime.

Reeve says he will never again work in the financial services industry, but says voiding all other businesses isn’t fair.

He says he plans to start a business and says this condition would force him to be a financially struggling employee.

The parole board has ordered a new review of this appeal.