Cambridge officials say making movies and television shows in the city has already pumped almost half a million dollars into the economy.

This month, the city says filming days are up 150 per cent. It also says movie making has tripled over the last year.

It is expected for that trend to be boosted by a record-breaking August.

"When Handmaid's Tale happened, we had people actually book out tables in our studio so they could sit and watch and paint their own pieces," says Ally Thorne, who works in downtown Cambridge.

But productions need a consistent backdrop, which could be seen as anti-development and hold back the revitalization of downtown.

"I know there were concerns about how that will effect filming and only time will tell. But CGI is amazing these days.  So if there's something they don't want in a shot, it will not show up," says Devon Hogue, the city's business information officer.  

Economic development officials say it's a start to downtown revitalization and if they can get a movie to shoot there, they will.