The CTV peregrine falcon chicks have been growing steadily despite being cared for by a single parent.

The first chick hatched on June 8, and all four were welcomed to the microwave tower on CTV Kitchener’s property by June 11.

That day, the male peregrine falcon, Lucifer, was injured and taken to the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge. He underwent surgery on June 16, and he was still recovering as of July 9.

He was scheduled for another surgery the following week to have a pin and external fixator removed.

The chicks’ mother, Mystery, has been feeding them by herself since.

In recent days, however, two of the chicks have gone missing.

One falcon chick, Monarch, wandered outside of the nest and has not been seen since.

On Monday morning, a second chick exited the Falcon Cam's view and disappeared outside.

Volunteers with Fledge Watch, who are monitoring the chicks as they begin spreading their wings, found one of the missing falcons in the nest on Monday afternoon.

The chicks should begin trying to learn to fly soon, CTV has been told, with males usually trying around 36 days, and females trying around 40 days.

Flying can be difficult for them, however, because they are heavy and uncoordinated at this age.

A team of volunteers searched for the most recently missing chick Monday afternoon.