KITCHENER -- A Facebook page is helping residents of a Waterloo neighbourhood stay connected and support one another during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People living on Boettger Place said the page has helped them feel more united than ever. It was created at the start of the pandemic as a way for neighbours to let each other know what they needed and how others could help.

"Some of us would offer shopping, I know I did shopping for one of my neighbours for a couple months," resident Kristy Cloostra said.

It's also allowed people to get to know their neighbours virtually.

"The great thing has been walking down the street and seeing a couple who just had a baby and we don't know each other personally because of COVID restrictions, but we can say hi and she lives in our cul de sac," Catherine Bodden said.

People have shared pies and homemade dog biscuits, and borrowed tools from their neighbours. They also try to cheer up others living on the street.

"There was a little note with a rock, the rock was painted and it had an X and O on it," Kelly Willert said. "It was from the Facebook group and every day when I walk to work, I see it in my front garden and, during these times, I knew I wasn't alone."

Boettger Place residents said having an online meeting place has helped them feel stronger together.

"We'll get through it," Bodden said.