KITCHENER -- An Arthur, Ont. family moving to New Brunswick is scrambling for answers on how to properly self-isolate once they enter the province, as new mandatory hotel quarantine rules are now in place.

Two months ago, Gwendolen Bultena and Matt Potts decided to sell their home in Arthur and move their family to New Brunswick.

"We want to slow things down and enjoy nature a little bit more, and that's much better out in New Brunswick," Potts said.

The couple and their two children started their drive across the country on Wednesday, hoping to arrive in New Brunswick by Friday.  But new travel rules in New Brunswick have put their plans in jeopardy.

"Something that has started out as a dream, has turned into a bit of a nightmare," Bultena said.

On Friday, New Brunswick announced anyone entering the province must self-isolate for at least seven days at a government-approved hotel. It could cost travellers up to $200 per day. Those who don't follow the mandatory isolation order can face a fine of up to $580 per person per day.

The Canadian Red Cross is coordinating hotels and food, but said they are still working on securing hotels.

"We've had some hotels who were initially on board, then through their own decision making and their own operational plans, they decided that they would not be a participant in this," Bill Lawlor, the Canadian Red Cross provincial director for New Brunswick said.

In order to enter the province, travellers must have an approved travel registration form and a reservation booked at a designated hotel.

Bultena and Potts have neither. They said they've reached out to several government officials for answers, but haven't gotten any responses back.

"We can't get through, they're not accepting the calls," Potts told CTV News.

The family said if they don't have the necessary documents by the time they arrive at the New Brunswick border on Friday, they may be denied entry into the province.

"We have a home, we're paying a mortgage for a home in New Brunswick," Bultena said. "The government has created a situation where we are essentially homeless.  And if they choose to turn us back at the border, we're now homeless in Quebec."

Bultena and Potts said they want to follow the rules, they just don't know how and are now looking for answers as they start their journey to their new home.

"We're travelling on faith."