A dog found tied to a fence in freezing temperatures is recovering well, but the OSPCA is investigating the circumstances.

The dog, who the KW Humane Society has named Patrick, was found in the Doon area of Kitchener on Jan. 29.

Temperatures dipped to -17 C that morning, and the organization believes he was left there for several hours.

Patrick had no tags, so his exact age and breed are unknown. At the time, he was underweight, emaciated and missing patches of fur.

“Because of the circumstances he was left in, we would like to find out what happened, why, so that we can address it appropriately,” explains Hayley Francis, an animal control officer.

It’s a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada to abandon an animal. It’s also under the OSPCA Act and a City of Kitchener by-law that pet owners must provide appropriate, adequate shelter for animals outside.

More than two weeks after he was found, he has gained weight and is in much better shape.

“When you go to see him, he comes out and says hi to you, wags his tail, he’s excited for his food, he barks, he plays with his toys,” Francis says.

There is plenty of interest in adopting the pooch, but it could be a few months before he is deemed healthy enough for adoption.