UPDATE: Since this story was first published, all charges laid against Alexandr Shcolyar were withdrawn.

A Guelph man says shortly after buying a $3 million dollar property, he found numerous problems and is now out hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Melkiet Singh never imagined that opening up a Pioneer gas station would turn into a 'money pit'.

“It was like a nightmare for us,” said Singh.

Ever since he took over the property on Highway 6 North in Guelph from developer Alexandr Shcolyar in February of last year, Singh says he’s discovered several problems including a leaky roof that needs to completely be replaced and an inadequate septic tank that overflowed and had to be dug up and replaced.

He says he also discovered permits that only allowed the station to be equipped with two pumps, instead of the five that were already installed.

Repair expenses have already cost Singh more than $200,000 to bring everything up to code.

Singh alleges on top of the other issues that the station was poorly built, with curbs for the driveway left unfinished and cracking pavement in several places.

55-year-old Alexandr Shcolyar of Richmond Hill was arrested on Canada Day, and charged with uttering a forged document and fraud over $5,000.

CTV News tried to speak with Shcolyar, who had no comment.

Shcolyar’s lawyer did not respond to our requests.

All charges laid against Shcolyar were later withdrawn.