A 22-year-old Kitchener man has been airlifted to a Hamilton hospital with life-threatening injuries following a collision involving a bicycle and Jeep, according to police.

First responders were called to the incident at Victoria and Strange Streets in Kitchener Monday morning.

Waterloo Regional Police say the man was biking across Victoria Street on the Iron Horse Trail when he was struck by the driver of the Jeep heading east.

Police add that the cyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

"THe trails are great," said a Kitchener resident. "However when you reach a choke point like right here it can be quite dangerous."

The cyclist was taken a Kitchener hospital before being airlifted with life-threatening injuries.

A white Volkswagen could also be seen at the scene, but police say it was not involved in the collision.

An officer tells CTV that the 34-year-old male driver of the Jeep was uninjured.

Victoria Street between West Avenue and Patricia Avenue was closed as police remained on scene.

"As a cyclist I could see how someone could get hit here," the Kitchener resident said. "You have to get a bycycle from a complete stop to as fast as you can to get across.

"It's sad that this happened...but it's also an opportunity to change things."

There is no word yet on any charges.