Jurors at a murder trial in Guelph were told Tuesday that the victim in the case died after being shot more than a dozen times.

The shooting happened at the Comfort Inn Hotel on Silvercreek Parkway on May 1, 2016.

Aly Sunderani, whose parents owned the hotel, was working as the manager.

During opening statements court heard that on the day of the shooting Sunderani was returning from lunch.

The 35-year-old parked his Range Rover under the carport in front of the hotel’s entrance and as he was exiting the vehicle Sunderani was shot several times.

And as he tried to get up, the Crown claims, the shooter continued to open fire.

Lawyers also said that witnesses will testify that the shooter was a tall, thin man who ran from the scene and jumped into a black SUV.

They noted that the man charged with first-degree murder, 26-year-old Raja Dosanjh, matches that description.

Dosanjh was arrested in Burnaby, B.C. almost a year after the murder.

The Crown alleges that Dosanjh rented the SUV and an expert will testify that the vehicle had a tracker inside, which allegedly connects Dosanjh to the crime scene and several homes in the Greater Toronto Area where his mother and sister live.

Once the Crown completed its opening statement a Forensic Identification Officer took the stand.

He showed the jury photos of the scene which included a 9 mm submachine gun with a silencer which was found just a few feet from where Sunderani was shot.

The officer is expected to continue his testimony on Wednesday.

The judge warned the jurors that the Crown’s opening statement were not evidence and they should only consider the facts presented and statements from witnesses.