The controversial Hidden Quarry project is finally heading to tribunal.

Lawyers from all sides have begun eight weeks of hearings in front of a municipal land tribunal.

There are multiple sides to this argument: James Dick Construction owns the Hidden Quarry in Guelph/Eramosa Township and wants a permit to begin blasting and extracting.

Fighting the company are Wellington County, Halton Region and local residents.

James Dick argues the quarry contains dolomite, a valuable mineral used in construction projects.

But the dolomite sits under the water table, and government lawyers say blasting could harm ground water.

A group of Rockwood residents also said in March that they were worried that blasting could cause rocks to become airborne, resulting in potential damage or injury. They’re calling on the province to create a 500-metre perimeter from the blast sites.

The Hidden Quarry went to tribunal in 201 6 was paused indefinitely while Guelph/Eramosa updated its bylaws.