A company with ties to Waterloo and its sole director have been fined after a number of workers allegedly went unpaid.

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour says the case wrapped up last week when the director was convicted on four counts of violating workers.

The case involved Waterloo-based human resources company HRG Management Inc., an Ottawa-based company known as Capital Business Centres, and the man who was the sole director of both companies.

According to the ministry, the companies failed to pay workers after being ordered to do so.

HRG Management Inc. pleaded guilty to the offences, admitting to withholding wages, vacation pay and/or termination pay from 20 workers. Capital Business Centres made the same admission for three employees.

In one case, the ministry says, a worker was owed nearly $13,000.

The director did not plead guilty, but was convicted of breaching Ontario’s Employment Standards of Act.

HRG Management Inc. was fined $100,000 Capital Business Centres was fined $15,000 and the director was fined $48,000.