WATERLOO -- A classic board game came to life at Vista Hills Public School this year, thanks to the work of a Grade 1 teacher.

A Halloween celebration transformed into an exciting day filled with mystery and suspense for students and staff.

In the game, the school's two mascots went missing for the day, along with something else.

"The pandemic just disappeared for us inside the school," vice principal Rick Saunders said. "Even though the kids were wearing masks, you could see that they were smiling."

The staff were the suspects and the game used school locations, where students had to hunt for suspicious objects.

The game was put together by Paula Capa, a Grade 1 teacher at the school.

"The game of Clue to me was a way we could bring everybody together during a holiday that wasn't going to be seeming like it was going to be too much fun," Capa said.

Classes worked as a team to find the missing mascots.

"It was really fun when we were doing it, doing the Clue game," Grade 3 student Joshua Pletsch.

"It gave us a fun experience to do while COVID has put everything to a halt," said Grade 7 student Emma Bumstead.

By the last bell, the mascots were reunited and the school community had a tighter bond.

"We are stronger together because Mrs. Capa, she uses her imagination and her skill and her love of kids to make this school a better place every day," Saunders said.