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Canada Day fireworks display cancelled in Guelph


After nine years, the Rotary Club of Guelph will not be putting on the annual fireworks display at Riverside Park this Canada Day.

“They need to step aside and due to lack of volunteers and financial support and focus their fundraising on other things,” said Danna Evans, general manager of culture and recreation with the City of Guelph.

According to the club’s president-elect, there’s been a decline in membership following the pandemic.

“We no longer had the capacity to take the lead in planning and delivering a Canada Day celebration worthy of the day or of the city,” said Brian Martin, with the club.

The city has launched a survey and is asking for community input on how to celebrate in the coming years.

“Do we like fireworks? Do we want some pieces in our community? Do we want to celebrate more? Do we want to celebrate less?” said Evans.

One resident said it is a shame to have no fireworks show this year.

“We can see things from our condo and it’s always fun to see, but in saying I enjoy them, I’m not saying I would pay for them,” one resident told CTV News.

With more than a year to plan for the 2025 event, the city is looking for other organizations to help.

“It takes is much more than just fireworks, safety plans, parking, transportation and goose management, you name it, animal and wildlife control, so way more than just fireworks,” said Evans.

The city's survey will be online until June 16th.

Whether or not fireworks will be a part of future celebrations is still up in the air. Top Stories

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