Tracy Schofield has tested positive for COVID-19 on her 10th swab and has had the virus since the end of March, but she’s not the only one who has been dealing with a long bout.

The registered nurse from Cambridge started feeling sick on March 30, and received the first positive COVID-19 result the next day.

Eight weeks later, when she received her latest positive result, she says she’s not as upset.

"I think I’m getting used to it to be honest," said Schofield. "Just like the swabs, I’m getting used to those as well.

"I still don’t have any answers. Nobody can tell me why I’m still testing positive."

Since Schofield first shared her story with CTV Kitchener, she says many people have reached out to her who have also had COVID-19 for several weeks.

A long term care worker in Elmira tells CTV Kitchener she tested positive for the virus on April 22 and has done seven tests so far.

Marlene Reeve of Sarnia says she’s been COVID-19 positive for 55 days.

"I actually cried as I had one false negative prior and then received the call I had to remain under isolating still as my test came back positive again," she said in a statement. "It’s very emotionally and mentally exhausting."

Anne Marie Smit was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 14. She tested positive for six weeks until this past Saturday when she was cleared of the virus.

"I’m excited, but still nervous," Smit said.

Schofield says hearing Smit is cleared of the virus gives her some hope and is trying to keep a positive attitude ahead of her 11th swab.