KITCHENER -- The Ontario government's decision to order the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses is weighing heavily on some local business owners.

Their fate is still up in the air, as the province opted to wait until Tuesday to issue its list of businesses considered essential.

A majority of stores along The Boardwalk, for example, have already shut down. The ones that aren't likely will be by 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.

ShineCo Cleaning has been in business for seven years, deep cleaning residential and commercial establishments.

Co-owner Evelyn Macher understands the reasoning but hopes that, if they're forced to close, it won't be for long.

"If the cancellation of our services has to go beyond one month, it will definitely put us into poverty, and we've worked so hard to not get there," she says.

Down the road, there's construction going on at an address on Westwood Drive.

It shut down on Monday morning due to the wintry weather, but the crew says they're not sure what will happen once the province's list is released.

Many local business owners that spoke to CTV say they already closed within the last week as a precaution.

Some of the ones who are still waiting are places like restaurants that offer takeout.

While grocery stores have already been designated essential, it's not yet clear what fate other food providers will face.