The 24-year-old man wanted by police after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend should not be facing a charge of second-degree murder, his brother says.

Speaking to CTV News, Jag Jamil called the murder charge “unfair.”

“I don't believe he did that at all but I believe if he did that, it was in self-defence (because) I cannot see my brother doing that or intentionally doing that to anybody,” Jamil said in an interview.

Jamil’s brother is Ager Hasan. Police allege that Hasan is responsible for the stabbing death of Melinda Vasilije, whose body was found last Friday inside her apartment on Country Hill Drive in Kitchener – an allegation which has not been proven in court.

Police have said that the Honda H-RV believed to be Hasan’s was spotted twice later that day – once crossing into the United States, and once in a parking lot in Pennsylvania.

At 6 a.m. that morning, shortly after the vehicle was seen at the Peace Bridge, Jamil says police knocked on the door of his home in Hamilton.

“They just said there was a homicide he was involved in and that they were looking for my brother,” he said.

According to police and friends, Hasan and Vasilije had recently split up. Jamil says that while their relationship lasted, it was a “loving” one.

“The relationship was good,” he said.

Late Monday night, a man claiming to be Hasan posted a message online. The posting was taken down the following day.

Jamil says he believes the message was written by his brother.

“He’s scared – he feels awful for what happened, he feels awful for Melinda’s family,” he said.

“He feels worse for her. All that’s going through his head is her.”

Vasilije’s friends and relatives have told CTV News that they want justice to be served in the case. They declined to comment specifically about the online message.

Waterloo Regional Police say they are aware of the post, are evaluating it, and hope Hasan turns himself in.

Vasilije will be laid to rest Wednesday at a private funeral.