A Waterloo based start-up, LoopX.ai, has created an autonomous robot, GoosEx, to deliver food all over the University of Waterloo campus.

LoopX.ai created the robot in order to showcase its technology and its ability to handle adverse weather conditions in Canada.

"We want to use our autonomous technique to reduce the costs and use a robot to reduce the carbon emissions," Chao Yu, founder and CEO of LoopX.ai said.

"It’s equipped with a suit of complimentary sensors that can work in adverse weathers,” Yaodong Cui, the chief innovation officer of LoopX.ai said.

The creators said other delivery robots commonly can't handle seeing snow, but GoosEx is capable of recognizing it and driving right over.

"It will try to filter that noise and just react normally," Cui said.

Customers within a three kilometre range can place an order online and receive a code in return. Food is then loaded into the machines insulated compartment at the University Plaza, and makes its way to its destination, typically within half an hour. Once it arrives, customers put in the code, and the tamperproof door opens up for them to enjoy.

If GoosEx comes across an obstacle, it will make its way around and continue on with its delivery path. If the machine comes across something that it can’t get around, it relays a message to a remote control team that can get it back on its path.

The creators said this technology can help ease the strain on delivery companies.

"For instance drivers might stay at home and control a fleet of trucks instead of sitting in the cab himself,” Cui said.

According to Yu, GoosEx is really just a way to prove their technology is safe and smart on a small scale. He hopes it can be used on a much larger scale in major industries.

"Recently we are exploring our new market. That is the autonomous mining market. We are developing kind of the first autonomous mining vehicle by partnering with a mining OEM," Yu said.

"They could just operate them remotely or monitor them remotely in a very comfortable office," Cui said.

Currently there are three GoosEx machines servicing the university. They are available for delivery every Friday on campus.