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Apparent defensive injuries found on Melinda Vasilije’s hands: forensic pathologist


The forensic pathologist who performed the post-mortem on Melinda Vasilije’s body was back on the stand Wednesday as the trial of Ager Hasan continues in Kitchener.

Hasan is charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Vasilije, his former girlfriend.

Dr. Linda Kocovski performed the autopsy in the hours after Vasilije’s body was found with dozens of stab wounds in her Country Hill Drive apartment on April 28, 2017.

In her testimony Wednesday, Dr. Kocovski said there were stab wounds and cuts on Vasilije’s hands that appear to be defensive injuries, some likely caused by trying to grab a blade.

When asked by the crown if she observed any offensive wounds on Vasilije, Dr. Kocovski replied she did not.

Dr. Kocovski was also asked to analyze images of injuries on Hasan.

In March 2018, Dr. Kocovski received photos and a video from police of his hands.

One image was sent to police by Hasan, others were later recovered from his devices after his arrest.

They show six injuries on his right hand, and one on his left.

Some of the injuries appear to have been caused by a sharp object.

Dr. Kocovski determined: “While it is not completely possible to rule out these injuries were defensive, the findings would be more supportive of offensive injuries."

In cross-examination, Hasan's lawyer showed Dr. Kocovski another video that she wasn't given by police to analyze which shows Hasan in a car with something on his left wrist.

Dr. Kocovski said she was unable to determine exactly what was on his wrist from the video, but agreed with Hasan’s lawyer it is possible it was a cut or some kind of healing wound, and that its characteristics were more like a defensive or accidental wound.

When asked if she would classify the wound as an offensive wound, Dr. Kocovski replied: “No, I would not.”

During her testimony, Dr. Kocovski also noted she was unable to determine in what order the injuries happened on Vasilije and Hasan.

At the start of the case, the jury heard it is an agreed fact that Hasan caused Vasilije’s death, but Hasan has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. He did plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, but the Crown did not accept that plea. Top Stories

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