KITCHENER -- A march from Uptown Waterloo to Victoria Park saw over 100 people carrying anti-lockdown and anti-mask signs along King Street.

The Sunday afternoon gathering did not adhere to stay-at-home public health restrictions meant to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Both Waterloo regional police and by-law enforcement observed the rally.

“It’s a balancing act, I mean the constitution does sort of entrench the rights of people to speak freely and be able to protest and demonstrate,” said Nicole Papke, director of municipal enforcement services for the City of Waterloo. “However, the pandemic restrictions that are in place right now do prevent this type of gathering. So we would simply follow up after.”

The gatherings have been happening at Waterloo Public Square every weekend since mid-April.

Since then, by-law says they have laid about 22 charges under the emergency management and civil protection act as well as the reopening Ontario act.

Of the 22 charges, two people were charged during the Sunday gathering.