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Woodstock, Ont. singer-songwriter gaining notoriety after Zack Bryan song rendition


A musician from Woodstock, Ont. is gaining attention on social media after performing her own rendition of a song by country music artist Zack Bryan.

Jenna Standish says performing and writing music started as a hobby, but has turned into a passion.

"I don't even know how it comes to me," said Standish. "I just sit there and do a little tune and then I start writing."

She uses TikTok to archive each of her favourite songs and performances, and her latest post – a cover of the hit song 'Something in the Orange' by Zack Bryan – has been getting noticed.

The song tells a story about love and heartache, but Standish rewrote the lyrics from a female's perspective.

"I feel like there's a whole other side of the story that isn't being share," she said. "I was kind of thinking of how is she feeling if he's feeling all this?

"I was never expecting this response."

The video has over two million views, with several comments tagging Bryan, and one saying he "needs to listen to this."

"That would be really, really cool if he did," said Standish. "If not, I just feel like this whole experience has been really cool regardless."

Standish's TikTok account has also gained 13,000 followers in just five days.

The singer-songwriter plans on releasing her own eight-track title album soon and posting clips of each song to TikTok.

She also hopes to have her "Something in the Orange" made available on Spotify.

"I'm just going to share things that make me feel something and hope that it makes them feel something as well," said Standish. Top Stories

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