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Woman hits store employee on the head with her phone


A Guelph woman is facing an assault charge after she allegedly hit a store employee with her phone.

Police said she was at a downtown business Friday and playing music loudly on her phone.

An employee approached her to tell her she was being disruptive and annoying the other customers.

When she asked the woman to turn the music off, police said the woman became enraged and started yelling at the employee and other customers.

The employee then asked the woman to leave the business.

Police said the woman grabbed the employee’s shirt and struck her in the forehead with the phone.

As a result, the employee had a large cut on her forehead, which needed stitches.

The woman, who has only been identified as a 42-year-old from Guelph, was arrested a short time later. She’s charged with assault causing bodily harm. Top Stories

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