KITCHENER -- Golf clubs are taking a swing at the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions by lobbying the province to reopen courses. 

"We're really disappointed, we thought we would definitely be open again by now," said Doug Breen, regional vice-president with GolfNorth Properties.

GolfNorth Properties, which owns dozens of courses in Ontario including Conestoga Golf and Country Club, is putting its support behind the 'Let Us Play' campaign. 

The campaign launched by Ontario’s We Are Golf partners, including industry stakeholders Golf Ontario and PGA of Ontario, is aimed at getting the province to reconsider golf closures. 

"We're back on trial for the same thing again, for the same reasons. It didn't make any sense last time and now it really doesn't make any sense at all," adds Breen.  

The outdoor sports ban has also received pushback from Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and been supported by infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch.

"On our busiest days we would have 100 golfers on the golf course at time, so it's basically two and a half acres per golfer and tons of space," said Adam Tobin, director of golf at Whistle Bear Golf Club. 

Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge is also home to the Ontario Golf Academy and say it's seen the impact of closures on employees as well as young people. 

"All of those young boys and girls are currently without a sport outlet, so for their mental health we need to get back on the golf course," he added.

They're asking that anyone who doesn't agree with the rules to contact their local MPP.

"Golf should be open right now, there's absolutely no reason to extend a shutdown of golf, it should be over now," said Breen.