WATERLOO -- The City of Waterloo is tearing down a recently-constructed boardwalk at Silver Lake, and starting from scratch.

The boardwalk is part of a multi-million dollar revitalization of the popular area of Waterloo Park, which began back in the summer of 2020.

However, the city says a new contractor will be rebuilding the boardwalk and terraces after the previous contractor failed to meet the safety and durability standards outlined in the building contract.

"It's like no progress has been made," a Waterloo resident told CTV News. "It's like one step forward, three steps back."

The opening of the newly-revamped south shore is now delayed until this spring, thanks to the remedial work that needs to be completed. Despite the longer wait, some residents say they appreciate the added precautions the city is taking.

"In all honesty, I prefer that they wait and make it safe rather than open it up and something drastic happens," said a Waterloo resident.

The City of Waterloo previously told CTV News the entire Waterloo Park project was expected to be completed by last fall, following earlier delays. Now, the tentative date is scheduled for this summer.

CTV News asked the city to describe the safety concerns around the previous boardwalk, but officials didn't specify, calling the project an "ongoing matter".

The original contractor did not respond to a request for comment.