KITCHENER -- Local mayors, police, and MP’s joined the Waterloo Region Chinese Canadian Association for an online panel discussion on anti-Asian racism.

The Saturday event feature one question asking local mayors what measures they had taken to address the issues.

“Racism is cultivated in social media and that’s why the elected officials you see here today really stand up when we can on anti-racism on social media,” said Waterloo mayor Dave Jaworsky.

While all participants recognized the region is heading in the right direction towards tacking the issues, they all agree more work needs to be done to encourage people not to be bystanders and speak out.

“The reality is we all have the responsibility,” said Kitchener mayor Berry Vrbanovic. “Especially at the young ages when people are impressionable, to actually speak out and to use those incidents as learning opportunities amongst children, to get them to understand why it’s not okay and how it can be hurtful.”