A passionate group of Kitchener residents have championed an outdoor gym in Victoria Park and their efforts are about to pay off.

The project is thanks in part to a $69,000 fundraising effort through the Kitchener Rangers. It also received a $20,000 grant in 2017 through the city’s Love My Hood neighbourhood strategy.

“The outdoor gym will be a great resource that will boost healthy living in our community. I commend the volunteers who secured the funding for this initiative,” says Coun. Debbie Chapman.

The gym will be located at the entrance of the Iron Horse Trail near the Victoria Park Pavillion.

It will feature equipment for people with varying physical abilities.

“The fitness park will be a unique space to enjoy the outdoors and complete activities you would normally need to do indoors at a gym,” says Michelle Benevides, director of marketing and communications for the Rangers. “A space that doesn’t require a membership fee and a place where everyone is welcome.”

An advisory committee will provide feedback on the gym’s equipment and will include diversity in the decision-making process.

According to a press release, the committee is consulting youth, older adults and those with mobility challenges in the gym’s final design.

The gym is expected to be finished in the fall.