Wilfrid Laurier University is working to tackle the issue of free speech at its campuses.

A community task force was set up after teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd said she did not feel she had the right to use certain language in the classroom.

On Tuesday the task force presented a draft statement on freedom of expression.

They say they received 300 submissions while working on the draft.

Shepherd says the statement is a start however she says she doesn’t think the statement would defend her if she were to discuss gender pronouns in the classroom again.

In the meantime, Shepherd says she’s now pushing for controversial speaker Faith Goldy to return to the campus in the name of free speech.

However, Shepherd says Goldy will be attending the University of Waterloo for a speaking event because Laurier would not accommodate the request.

Wilfrid Laurier University says they did not refuse to accommodate the event rather the sponsor did not meet with them in enough time to plan security details.

Task force chair Robert Gordon says allowing controversial speakers is something they have decided is acceptable.