The convicted killer of Tori Stafford has been transferred from an Indigenous healing lodge to an Edmonton prison.

On Wednesday, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale announced changes to how the Correctional Service of Canada would decide on transferring inmates.

The following day, Rodney Stafford, Tori's father, got news that Terri-Lynne McClintc had been transferred to the Edmonton Institution for Women after spending months at a healing lodge in Saskatchewan.

She was only eight years into a life sentence for abduction, rape and murder when she was transferred to the minimum security facility.

Speaking with CTV News Channel, Rodney Stafford, Tori's father, said he received a brief, five-minute call to inform him of the decision.

He made the news public in a Facebook post this morning.

"I'm ecstatic," Rodney Stafford told CP24 by phone on Thursday. "It’s a great feeling to know that justice is going to be served."

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who has been a vocal opponent of the move, praised the decision on Twitter.

"I've said from the very beginning that Tori Stafford's murderers belong in jail for the rest of their lives," the premier wrote.

Tori’s grandmother Doreen Graichen currently lives in Edmonton where McClintic is being transferred to.

"I wasn't prepared to hear that," said Graichen in an interview with CTV News.

When questioning Victim Services about the decision Graichen was told that since McClintic was already in the prairies she had to go to a facility in that same area.

"There's still buzz about whether it’s going to be something permanent or will she get transferred back to where they did have her before," said Graichen.