KITCHENER -- With temperatures dropping, demand is rising at homeless shelters across the region.

The Working Centre is one of several social agencies helping to operate overflow shelters at various locations around the region when permanent shelters fill up.

That's already happened several times this year.

On Tuesday, 57 people turned up to a single overflow shelter. It was a similar story on Wednesday.

Those who are helping are hoping that more solutions can be planned for the future.

"We are actively having conversations with our community partners and the region about what some of the options might look like in the future for folks," says Nikki Britton, who works with the Working Centre.

"Really wanting to work collaboratively toward a solution in this community where everybody has a warm and safe place to be and nobody is turned away."

The region says that there are 245 beds available for those experiencing homeless throughout the year.

In the winter, that number jumps by 75 thanks to the addition of emergency overflow shelters.

Those include St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Kitchener and the Bridges in Cambridge.

With reporting from Stephanie Villella and Tony Grace