A plan to construct a 615-acre gravel pit north of Paris isn’t sitting well with residents or Brant County Council.

At a meeting, hosted by a group called “Concerned Citizens of Brant County”, opponents asked for the developers license to be revoked.

“These companies are extracting valuable resources and they’re not paying their full value,” says group president Ron Norris.

The land in question falls on either side of Watts Pond Road. It’s a wellhead protection area, supplying drinking water to the region. The fear is that chemicals will get into the water system.

Hundreds of residents have already signed a petition asking the Ministry of Natural Resources to revoke the construction company’s nearly 40-year-old license.

The group says Dufferin Aggregates should have to reapply to meet present day standards.

“The knowledge base has changed so much in 40 years that if it is reviewed, it would never be approved today,” says Norris.

The Ministry of Natural Resources wasn’t available to comment on the matter, but in a previous email to CTV said it would consider revoking the license. However they went on to say: “There must serious violations of the Aggregate Resources Act, the regulations, the site plant and the conditions of the license and numerous enforcement tools would have to be used first to correct violations.”

Dufferin Aggregates told CTV that before they move ahead with plans they will be conducting additional tests to ensure that there will be no negative impact on the region’s drinking water.