After days of rain and waters refusing to recede, the Canadian Army was called in to help flood-ravaged communities in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Twenty-three reservists left Waterloo Region last week and Saturday morning another 13 loaded up vans at the Cambridge Armoury and left for Quebec.

“They are putting their lives on hold whether that’s at work or at school,” says Lt. Mark Richardson with the Royal Highland Fusiliers. “That’s part of the calling as soldiers.”

Another 33 reservists are waiting to hear if they’ll also be called in to help.

“My stuff has been packed for the last couple of days now,” says Cpl. Matt Hobden. “I’m just waiting for that phone call.”

Hobden says his employers knows he may be called at any time and they’ve been supportive. “They are perfectly 100% behind me. They said take as much time as you need and help as much as you can.”

While in Quebec the reservists will be filling sandbags and helping residents.

How long they stay there is still not clear.

“The deployment length is undetermined at this time,” says Richardson. “That will depend on how long it takes for flood water to recede and how long they will need support in that area.”

With reporting by Marc Venema