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Pups take over the Kiwanis Park pool for Humane Society fundraiser


A pool party was held in Kitchener Sunday, but this one was just for the dogs.

The event, called “Dash and Splash”, was a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth.

The Kiwanis Park pool was closed to all human swimmers to make way for their furry friends.

“In the past we’ve had over 400 dogs,” said Nick Burke, the organization’s Director of Development. “We’re hoping to get around that number today.”

This the first time since 2019 they’ve been able to hold the “Dash and Splash”, which is a combination of two other fundraisers – the Wiggle Waggle Walk and Surf Dogs.

“COVID-19 has made it very challenging for us to raise money, without being able to do events,” says Burke. “We’ve been very fortunate that our community has rallied around us and kept us in a position to do the work that we need to do. We’re absolutely thrilled to be back in person to be able to do these events and we look forward to doing more of these in the future.”

While humans got into the event for free, they gave a $15 donation to the Humane Society for their pup.

“Once the dogs are in they are off-leash, they get to enjoy the pool and some balls and toys. And meeting other dogs. Hopefully everyone has their energy run out of them and they can go home for a nice big nap.”

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth says animals come into their shelter with a variety of needs, from medical conditions to emotional issues stemming from abandonment and poor treatment. The money raised at this event, and others, helps to ensure they all receive the care they deserve.

The Humane Soceity's next fundraiser, “Paws in the Park,” will be held next month in Stratford. Top Stories

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