Ontario police and the CAA are teaming up for a six week campaign to help solve the problem of distracted driving.

In 2013 Waterloo Regional Police Services handed out 2,400 tickets for distracted driving, more than double the number given out in 2010.

“Distracted driving is a huge priority for us, for our organization but also for the community, and we’re being repeatedly told that” said Shaena Morris, a staff sergeant with WRPS.

It is not only an issue for young drivers.

“We're finding that people in the age range of 25 to 44 are making up more than 50 percent of the people we're issuing provincial notices for” Morris said.

Anything that takes your focus off the road could get you a ticket, not just texting while behind the wheel.

“Distracted driving doesn’t come just from a phone or an electronic device. It comes from focusing your attention off the road for a split second to deal with children, to look at your GPS, to talk to someone in the vehicle” Morris explained.

The OPP say distracted driving was the number one cause of deaths on Ontario highways last year.

“Some of the information and research is showing that distracted driving is just as dangerous as impaired driving” Morris said.

A ticket for distracted driving will cost $280 and no demerit points, however the Liberal party plan to reintroduce a bill to raise the fine to three demerit points and up to $1,000.