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Patrons at British pub in Waterloo reflect on Queen Elizabeth II legacy


For many, the Queen leaves a legacy of cooperation.

On Thursday, residents in Waterloo region were reflecting on her reign and what the monarchy means to them after the sudden announcement from Buckingham Palace that Her Majesty had died that afternoon.

“I think she left a great legacy of cooperation and of being a listening presence,” said a Waterloo region resident. As for the future, it’ll be different. Charles is certainly different, and he’ll take things in his own direction. He might change things up, but change for the sake of change is not necessarily a good thing. Hopefully he has that listening presence the way his mother did.”

At The Duke of Wellington Pub in Waterloo, British ex-patriates and citizens of the U.K. are gathering to honour the Queen.

Many are calling this a sad moment but also a time to reflect on what her legacy will be.

As news came this morning of the Queen coming under medical supervision, some locals at the pub felt they knew then that today would be a sad day for Britain, the commonwealth and the royal enthusiasts.

Residents in Uptown Waterloo have looked to the future of the monarchy and what Charles will be like as King.

“I think Charles is a sensitive person, so he’ll bring a certain sensitivity to the role. Not that the Queen didn’t have that, but he’s also interested in climate change, and I think that’ll be a different slant,” a local resident told CTV News.

“I know he does a lot of charitable work, and I think he’s rather unpopular, but that’s really unfair. I think he’s going to be a good King,” said a resident.

Although many at The Duke of Wellington have been singing “God save the King”, they took time for a toast to the world’s longest reigning monarch.

While many say the news is sad, it wasn’t terribly unexpected. The owners of The Duke of Wellington plan to be open for the funeral when the Queen will be laid to rest. Top Stories

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