More than 40 animals were saved from a dairy farm fire that broke out on Monday.

While 25 animals died or had to be euthanized, neighbours came in droves to help move the surviving cattle away from the barn.

“There was a whole field of neighbours yesterday, helping them move the cattle and taking care of the calves,” explains Mapleton Fire Chief Rick Richardson. “They were trucked to other farms to be milked last night through this morning, so the neighbours have really chipped in and come together.”

One neighbour emphasizes that they came together in this tough situation despite any differences that they may have.

The community is still helping to house the cattle that were saved—the barn that they were living in has been completely destroyed.

Only silos and rubble remain.

Fire officials say the fire started in the top of the barn where hay and straw was stored. It’s been deemed accidental and is not considered suspicious.