WATERLOO -- A Waterloo neighbourhood has come together for the victim of a hate crime that regional police are continuing to investigate.

The first incident happened on May 3 when police say suspects ripped a wreath off the front door of a resident and then ripped flowers out of the garden onto the driveway.

On May 9, paint was poured all over the front door and porch as well as more flowers being ripped out, according to officials.

Police say they believe the crimes are racially motivated, as the victim’s vehicle was scratched up and had a hate-motivated message left behind during the second incident.

"They leave a note that says you have to go back to your country," said Vicky Madarbox, a friend of the victim. "You don’t belong here."

Since this time, a group in the community has come together to repaint the front door and replant the flowers.

"The whole neighbourhood came together to support them," said Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky."They were very happy to know their local councillor was behind them as well as the mayor and the whole community."

Neighbour Chris Martin adds that the community response following the terrible incident has been heartwarming.

"It was a horrible thing that happened," they said. "It’sterrible this sort of stuff is going on. It’s great that the neighbourhood came together and supported this family."